The importance of erotica against porn

It is true, you are bored and horny so you just open your computer and there it is a universe as big as taboos, a universe as big as there is kinks for every single one of us, you might like something I hate, I might get off with something you would never think of, internet makes porn so accessible to any of us, and the possibilities and themes are as diverse as we like. A catalogue so big you could spend your whole living years watching a different video, a picture and sometimes even audio.

For those who are maybe not interested on images depicting such an act in an usual and average way, we can find another ways to get off, one of those ways is эротика porn, yes, porn literature or erotic stories for much of our liking there are as many options as porn videos exist. There is every theme for every one, and I would like to think that there are some texts you would find more arousing and daring that the videos you can find online.

I know porn is easy to access and it bring a lot of pleasure to watch two people engage in such acts, but imagination, that you can say is a little bit more complicated to get, you see, you can even make a porn with with your own cell phone, post it online and I bet you can call yourself a pornstar in less than a month, yet, writing something that it is really difficult to come up with, that is when the challenge arises, you will need to be very imaginative, very creative and very elegant. Sometimes porn is so raw and real that it is almost disgusting to watch at, yet in the intimacy of our own bedroom would imitate such acts, and none of them seem disgusting, it is kinda the same.

With erotic literature, you have something so intimate to delve into, to be part of and to be transfixed by, and it is a world you will create by yourself in your own mind, the fluids the touch, the skin, even the color of the bed sheets that would be merely your own addition to the text you came upon.

Erotic literature allows us to create a world that you can only ready about, interpret those words and make them your own, no matter if the author intended it that way, once you start reading something your own life-stock will come up and show you how you want to see that world you are reading, it is a funny way to think that you are kind of directing you own порно, but in your head and with the specific things you as an individual seek to be turned on.

The thing with porn videos is that it is easy and lazy.

Yes, everything there is set for you to get off, whether you like it or not, it does not matter if you don’t like the star’s hair, it is already there, it doesn’t matter that you appreciate a good and natural lighting it will not be there as you would like, so you have to settle, you have to take whatever they give to you and yes maybe you will like it but who is building that world?, who is giving you something to like and get turned on and you never were asked your opinion about that, so I think that putting 10% of your mental capacity on watching a porn video is definitely less time and intellectual consuming than reading about it, and it can be a little bit difficult to understand, it might be a little bit confusing at the start but you know that that t¡world is gonna be build ab¡round the things you actually like, so I think it is a great way to find out about yourself, about what you like and how you like it.

So I can only encourage you to read some porn literature, I bet it will face you with things you didn’t know you could be face with, with questions you never dared to ask and to break some taboos around porn in your head, and I’m sure as hell your imagination can provide with a more elegant and beautiful lighting than any porn video you can come up on some porn websites.